I help families capture real life moments in photographs so they can go back to that time in their life and remember exactly how things were and how they felt.
— Diana M.

Get in the Frame

As a parent myself, I totally get it. You're always the one taking the photos and you're never in it! For all the hard work that you do...you need to be in the photos too. It's not just for yourself but for your kids too. So that one day, they can look back and see how much you were really there.


Catch fleeting moments

The best time to capture these moments is now.  While your children are still young and living under the same roof. Because these moments are fleeting. As years go by, they become fewer and farther in-between.  I don't want to miss capturing it before it's gone. And I don't want other parents to miss it either.


Embrace it all

Let's face it. Real life is full of ups and downs and it isn't always that pretty. But when broken down into key moments or details and reviewed in retrospect, it is actually quite "beautiful". Tears of joy, tears of sadness, utter frustration or flat out defeat. These are all part of the natural rhythms of life. And in parenthood...there are many! It's what makes us human and I think it's beautiful when we fully embrace it.

I believe everyday moments are photo-worthy as they reveal so much about who we are and what makes up the blue print of a family- far beyond any family portrait can do.
— Diana M.
Real Life. No Artificial Non-Sense.

1. What to Expect

Documentary is about capturing real life. This means there is no posing, staging or directing. No fuss over wardrobe or cleaning the house - thank goodness! You get to wear your everyday clothes and the kids get to behave as they wish. Totally liberating! You just live your life. That's it. Fully embrace it. I tag along and photograph a day in your life, free of judgement. 





2. How it's Done

It's not exactly a "fly on the wall" approach however. If I just showed up and started snapping photos of your family in the corner of your living room- that would be awkward! I like to get to know your family first through a little questionnaire. Then on the day of the session, I'll chat with you a bit and probably ask some more questions before easing into it. I might take a photo here or there while I'm connecting. After then, there may be times where I'll be taking lots of photos and other times when I'm not shooting at all. I might be right in the action or far in the distance. It all depends on the narrative I'm trying to capture. 



3. Where & When

Weekends are my most available times for booking. You choose the start time and I'm there. My favorite sessions are those that include some time in the home, whether it be starting there or ending back there. I'm able to shoot in most public places as long as photography is not prohibited. I offer half-day or full-day sessions at limited number of bookings per year. For more details, check out session info.