Every family is unique and has many interesting chapters in their story. I want to document them so they can be cherished for a lifetime. In the 'Day in the Life' sessions, I strive to capture the little moments that are often missed in-between. We are often so focused in the destination that we overlook all the wonderful moments of today. Let's get some of the other juicy everyday life stuff into your coffee table album. So mom, let's capture you walking out of the grocery store with 5 bags of groceries and a kid in each arm; and dad, let's capture you making breakfast in the kitchen with a kid around your ankle. Perhaps bath time and bedtime routines are a team effort. However you describe your every day life, It's natural, its authentic and it's you. It is in these moments that show your family's uniqueness and contain stories worth remembering for a lifetime. Capture them so they won't be forgotten. We can laugh at them and enjoy them again later.