Same Space. Different Chapter.

Same Space. Different Chapter.

This was my old bedroom, 17 years ago. Same carpet, same bed, same space - without the teeny bopper posters plastered on all the walls, my giant 6-CD changing stereo in the corner and the desk in which I did my homework on. It's become increasingly sparse over the last decade as I’ve slowly moved out boxes of old text books, school assignments and personal journals. It’s not quite the same as I left it, but the energy that makes it feel like home is still there with just enough bits of history to solicit memories from the past.

I watched my kids play and entertain themselves with whatever was left hiding in the cupboards of my old room- a shoebox of rocks collected from various beaches, a basket full of colorful bouncy balls from this weird stage when my sister and I were obsessed with collecting them from vending machines. Abandoned artwork and pages of poetry shoved in the back of the closet. I came across a full length mirror which often served as a “do I look fat?” mirror during those self-conscious teenage years in the past, now reflecting back the present. I took a moment to notice how fascinating it was to observe life happening in the same space over a very different period of time. I wanted to capture our experience from this particular visit at grandma and grandpa's so my children will always have a memory of it. Here's a video of the compiled footage.

These "Fleeting Moments"

I'm trying to hold on to these fleeting moments for as long as I can...when she still needs my comfort, calls me "mama" and jumps up for a hug. Its true when they say the #daysarelongyearsareshort because I can't believe our girl is off to kindergarten this fall! I know this summer is going to fly by. Right now it feels like time is whirling away and all of a sudden she is #growinguptoofast Any other parents with a five-year old heading off to school this fall feel me on this!!? I know it will be a start to a new chapter but feeling sentimental that the toddlerhood chapter is coming to a close


Hold on...

When toddlerhood comes to a close.