Real life in photographs. For parents who want to preserve the moments that tell their family story. All before it becomes a chapter too distant to remember.

Serving families in Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam & Port Moody BC, Canada


Get in the Frame

As a parent myself, I get it. It's nearly impossible to capture some moments because you're right in it and the kids need you OR you're always the parent taking the photos so you're barely in them. Once in awhile, you realize this. And that's when your efforts to get in the frame is surrendered to a selfie. Does that resonate? Wouldn't you love to have more images of you and your kids in a real moment? Having a visual record of your presence is important and it's not just for you but for your kids too. Because one day they will look back at them and be grateful to see the proof of your love and how much you were really there in action.


Catch fleeting moments

The best time to capture these moments is now, while your children are still young and living under the same roof. Because these moments are fleeting. As years go by, they become fewer and farther in-between. I don't want to miss capturing it before it's gone. And I don't want other parents to miss it either. There will be so many stories to share with your children as they grow older. But as we know, visual records make memories stronger.


Embrace it all

Let's face it. Life is not perfect so why fabricate it? When the truth is captured and reviewed in retrospect, the unfiltered view of life is full of interesting stories. Tears of joy, tears of sadness, utter frustration or flat out defeat. These are all part of the natural rhythms of life. It's what makes us human and I think it's beautiful when we fully embrace it.

Everyday moments are photo-worthy as they reveal so much about who we are and what makes up the blue print of a family- far beyond any family portrait can do.
Invest in these moments with your family. In 10, 20, 30+ years from and your children will be grateful to have this precious record of life.
Real Life. No Artificial Non-Sense.

1. What to Expect

I capture all family sessions with a documentary approach. This means capturing real life without filtering out the good from the bad. It'll be the most liberating and fuss free photo session you will ever experience. There is no posing, staging or directing. No stressing over the family's wardrobe or cleaning the house. Just go with the flow and leave things be. Put on your normal attire and let the kids behave as they wish. As you go about your life, I simply tag along and photograph it, free of judgement. The objective is not to shoot for the best instagram posts but to preserve moments that are important for you and your family to have in the future. Moments that tell the story your life today.


2. How it's Done

It's not exactly a "fly on the wall" approach. Let's not be silly. You know I'm there! It’s not about pretending I'm not there, but more about focusing on what's in front of you as you move about your day. Before I show up at your door, I'll have you fill out a little questionnaire about your family. We'll chat over the phone (or meet for coffee) to address any questions or concerns you may have. Knowing these details will help me understand what's most important to you. I like leaving the rest of the getting to know on the day of the session. It will feel more like hanging out with a family friend who happens to have a camera. All I request is for you to welcome me into your space and accept the camera. Honor this time of making a record of this chapter in your life. You will be grateful you did it in years to come.


3. Where & When

Family sessions are booked on weekends and need to be scheduled at least 3-4 weeks in advance. My favorite sessions are those that include some time in the home, whether it be starting there or ending back there. Rain or shine- whatever the day brings, it's on. I'm able to shoot in most public places as long as photography is not prohibited. I offer half-day or full-day sessions at limited number of bookings per year. For stay-at-home parents looking to document a portion of their day with their toddlers, I am also available to do mini or half-day sessions on Thursday and Fridays between 10am - 2pm. For more details, check out session info.

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